Automating Real Estate Transactions

Creating the marketplace for the day to day activities of real estate stakeholders

About Us

What is Renager?

We are dedicated towards automating real estate transactions in Nigeria. Our uniqueness is in the way we provide solutions for real estate stakeholders to market their properties for sale and lease. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers have a transparent and secured means to complete their transactions online.

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Who we are?

The company was founded by young intellectual with the aim of easing the nuances of real estate problems using technology as the problem solving mechanism

Our aim

What we do

With our product, we have effectively simplified the whole process of real estate business for tenants, landlords and real estate agents.

Find A Home

With renager finding a space to live is not a problem.

Manage Your Tenants

At renager we manage tenants for clients and tenants can also be clients.

Ease Of Stress

At renager we try our best to make things easy for our clients.